Our Client base includes all of the high end silversmith/jewellery designers, high end silversmith/jewellery outlets and many of the Royal Families around the world.


We provide many types of plating services to the fashion jewellery industry as well as large silver pieces

  • Hard Gold Plating
  • Gilding
  • Colour gilding
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Black Gold Plating
  • Ruthenium Plating (black in colour)
  • Silver Plating


We provide a manufacturing service for designers, jewellers and silversmiths; we can aid design or take control of the design process as needed.

  • Jewellery Manufacture
  • Silver and gold Pieces
  • Design and manufacture
  • Spinning and casting too order


We have a number of highly skilled, accomplished, award winning polishers at Elliot – Fitzpatrick.

  • Silver Polishing
  • Gold Polishing
  • Jewellery Polishing
  • Platinum Polishing